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About- Badalpur ka Ashish

Ashish Singh is not just a professional voice-actor, but a voice-trainer, anchor, and a photographer. Even though he accidentally got the name Badalpur Ka Ashish®. Today it is not just a name but a registered private limited company that provides you with the best voice training and media services.

The company came together in 2017 and officially started in late 2019. Ashish has made a great place in the voice-over industry in a short span of 3 years. With the arrival of online education, we have expanded our voice-over training program to digital platforms. 

At Badalpur Ka Ashish® we have a team of extremely talented professionals from all over the country. Besides our voice training program, we serve you with facilities like content creation, translation, screenwriting, and advertisements. Our motive is to deliver young talents with proper guidance and fulfilling the expectations of our clients. 

We use innovative methods designed specifically for our online voice-over sessions, and “Make My Advertisement” has allowed us to expand our service like none other.

The idea behind Badalpur Ka Ashish® is to cater to the needs of our clients, also providing our new talents with a platform to showcase their talent. Besides being one of the best voice-over artists in the industry, he even works with various NGOs by serving society with his passion. So we seek to be able to serve a social cause while reaching new heights.

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